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Our Goal

Our J. N. Tripathi Charitable Trust defined the mission statement not only by writing few words or lines but is visible through its actions or education and charitable works in the region. The mission of the Trust is to develop skilled. Educated and dedicated manpower in the area where there is need especially in the field of engineering, Technology. Law education, Nursing, Pharmacy, Management, Computer Science etc. Trust is committed to impart career oriented and quality education. It believes in “making of better human beings” by inculcating moral and ethical values in their personalities”

N. Tripathi Charitable Trust wants to promote the education the most modern way and to introduce new and lasted courses like D. Pharm, B. Pharma, M.Pharma etc. keeping in mind the need of the hour its mission is to the best in infrastructural facilities. Selection of the highly educated. Trained and experienced faculty having orientation towards research activities and have the education- industry interface.

Mision & Vision
  • To constantly encourage activities for the final placement of the students.
  • To promote spirit of creativity, innovation and excellence.
  • To evolve as a model institution for teacher education in the state/ country.
  • To turn out trained teachers of secondary and higher secondary levels of education.
  • To arrange congenial classroom situation for effective teaching.
  • To strengthen professional excellence of the secondary and higher secondary teachers in teaching various school subjects.
  • To develop professional responsibilities and performance of the teacher in India context.
  • To enhance the level of confidence of teachers in the classroom teaching.
  • To encourage the students in achieving the main of education.
  • To strive for excellence and quality assurance in teacher education.


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About Us

Our Trust namely Pandit J. N. Tripathi Charitable Trust is registered the state of Jharkhand the promoters of the trust are social persons. The main object of the Trust is to develop skilled and educated manpower in the area where there is acute shortage. The aims is making its institution one of the best education institutions in Jharkhand/India to be enable its students to acquire top places in the National market.

The Trust, Aiming providing technical institution, preferred at the first instance to promote teaching education and established  Training College in the name and style of R. B. College of Pharmacy in the clam and peaceful atmosphere of Redma, Last Pitch of Airport, Daltonganj, Palamau, Jharkhand to produce trained and skilled Pharmacist.

This edge specialization, particularly the task of education of children needs skilled to combat the problem of modern education, scientific and to protect in interest of students to complete with the modern progressive education developing in India. R.B College of Pharmacy is also recognized as Marvelous institution to start D. Pharma Course in the state of Jharkhand.

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright